A Commitment to Wellness

Our individual and collective wellness is essential to our humanity and to the work of racial healing and social justice.

Within the BIPOC ED Coalition, we are creating intentional spaces to be seen, heard, and witnessed — to slow down and process, and to pause and take care of ourselves and one another.

As Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, we are holding the communal weight of systems of oppression on our people and our ancestors.

Our current systems continue to operationalize dominant culture – rest is “earned” or “deserved” based on a trade off of work. So many of our health outcomes are linked to an inability to unplug, be still, and reconnect to ourselves, nature, and the people we love.

To those of us who find ourselves carrying the work, at the intersections of so many identities and movements, championing causes, and holding space: Choosing rest is a bold act of love that disrupts and recreates all at once.

What would our lives look like if we centered rest?

How would our work culture feel?

What would our movement be like?

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.

– Audre Lorde

New Respite and Rest Program

Let us support you in taking a moment away. Take the time you need to rest, recharge, reimagine.

Between October 2021 and September 2022, we have space for up to 20 executive directors to take a short respite and rest:

  • Up to 1 week of time away
  • $2,000 available for respite expenses

Are you a BIPOC executive director or know one who:

  • Has been holding the work over time (4+ years);
  • Are experiencing intersecting inequities (race, gender, disability);
  • Could really use a break?

BIPOC ED Coalition members can nominate themselves, as well as other coalition members who meet the criteria outlined above. We will accept nominations throughout the year, until funds have been expended. For a nomination to be considered, we must receive it at least 30 days before the planned respite.

To nominate, fill out the online application.

“Rest is resistance. It’s reparations.”

– Tricia Hersey, Nap Ministry